Monday, December 20, 2010

Jingle Bells ^_^

 “Ho ho ho!!”. The one thing that comes to mind when you hear this is Santa Claus and the joy of Christmas. On the eve of Christmas people do a lot a lot of shopping, families have a good time with a grand feast, children waiting for Santa to come down the chimney and give them presents, the soft touch of snow flakes on your cheeks – these are the cherished moments of Christmas. On the eve of Christmas families get together and decorate/personalize their Christmas Trees with all sorts of stars, lights and coasters. The Christmas carols and hymns sung by people and children set the mood and give you the joyful Christmas spirit. Lovers and couples would love to get a moment under the mistletoe(*wink*).
On the day of Christmas, children wake up to the glee of opening their presents. Families visit their relatives and have a good time. The Christmas sprit lives on until the new year arrives. This Christmas I hope santa gets me a Playstation 3(*wink*). So what do you want for Christmas this year?
PS – Wish you all a happy and joyous Christmas

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