Thursday, August 25, 2011


Once in my early Age, My father use to say that am very fond of movies. Till now i love watching movies but the selection of movies now am watching is currently differ from the movies which i saw in my childhood. People may think that a child might love watching heroic and cartoon movies, i differ from all of them i love watching Thrillers and investigation films. I love James bond movies. Another strange habit I had in my childhood i use to watch all the water scenes in all movies especially boat riding scenes, chasing scenes. Moreover I love heroes riding Towables and Water TowablesMy dad gets irritated with my activities and sometimes he use to switch off the television as well. I love to float in using Water tubes.  But nowadays life totally changed i started loving action movies and horror movies, thus how life changes from childhood but I prefer to stay in childhood itself, nothing to tense, nothing to worry there. I loved my childhood life. If i was gifted with a magical power means i would change myself and my friends to childhood stage. We will enjoy our life to the maximum extent without any worries. This may be silly but we can attain all sort of happiness only in childhood. Now i feel very bad on missing each and every friend, hope they will rejoin me soon.