Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Time No See

While I was studying in my school bhu was my best friend. After that we got placed in different colleges so naturally we got separatedL. Still we were in touch through calls and emails. One fine day I was visited her after a long time (nearly 4 years). She was very happy with my presence and so was I. She had changed so much. I recognised that she was wearing glasses which she started during her college. I complemented on her cool eye wear which really suited her. The difference was not only seen in her eyes but also hair style, the way of speech etc were different.
 I asked about her family and stuff. Living on her own, she even learnt to cook. Later on we were chatting about our times in colleges, how we used to spend time during our class etc. We went out that evening and we spent some time in a coffee shop. She looked good in her new dress that went along with her glasses and I couldn’t keep myself from complementing on it. She smiled at me. Later on she had some work and she had to go. So I dropped her off at her home, she said bye with the hope that we’ll meet again.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

See with Style

Some people think that wearing glasses is troublesome and hard. Though it is sometimes, it has its own advantages. You get to choose and wear glasses with some cool frames. Some time ago, when I started wearing glasses, there were not that many frames to choose. I had a boring frame for years. Now things have changed. There are many different frames to choose from. Then I started to change my frames regularly which suited my style. Every time I used to go to a store and I used to try on different ones till I could find the one better for me.

I do love splurging on glasses & it shows. Especially when I'm going out on a date or spending weekends with friends & family, you would notice me wearing different framed-glasses. However, quite recently I've been having a niggling itch in my eye which has caused me to wear prescription glasses (just what the doctor ordered!).  With the prescription glasses my friends say i look like a real dork, though im enjoying the visual clarity & itchless-sight. I am planning to get a new frame online. I would need to visit my doctor again in a few days. Hopefully I can go back to my lavish & cool look soon. Wish me luck y'all ;-)

Your own website

My friend always had an idea to start his own small scale business over the internet. But he didn’t find a good way to get his own website. He laid out his plan and even designed most part of it. When he wanted to get a domain and host it with easy to use content management system, he approached some of the local solutions here. In all the places he had gone,  they offered solutions with a huge cost. With nothing else to do, he hired one of them. In spite of the funds he had provided, he didn’t get a result as good as he had in mind. 

After a while, he some online web hosting providers who offered cheap web hosting with quality assurance. He now has a website of his own and his small-business is getting along well. Impressed by the cheap rates for web hosting and the level of ease it could he done, I even started my own personal website. With services like these around, it will be great for people who want to host their own site. Even if you are planning to start something big, you could start your site easily with such web hosting sites and then move on when required to your own server. These web hosting sites are a good place to start your own website/business.