Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lucid Dream 2.0

This is yet another addition to my previous two posts. I recommend you read them and come back to this post. In this post, I will attempt to tell you one of the methods to have a dream initiated lucid dream. This is where reality checks comes in. ‘Pinch me, I must be dreaming’ is one such famous checks, but often fails in many dreams. Reality check is some event that you do to see if you are in reality or in a dream. Some of the best methods are, looking into a digital watch, remembering the current time, looking away and again looking back at the watch. If you are on a dream, you might see random numbers during the second time. Looking into a mirror also works. If you are in a dream, you mostly don’t see the actual you in the mirror. One more test is, read some text, look away and look back at the text again. If you are in a dream, the text would have changed in some way.

So one should do these tests now and then when he is awake. So while dreaming, he does these tests subconsciously and thus conclude that he is in a dream and continue on. Sometimes you may dream of getting up and you think you are awake. But actually you are in a dream. Sooo inception like, right? So next time after a lucid dream when you think you are awake, do a reality check…
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  1. Reality check? It's very interesting!
    Hope I never experience this lucid dream...

  2. read my last three posts.. Its about lucid dream and ways to experience them..