Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the CUBE

I spend a lot of time travelling each day. So tried reading books and doing puzzles to spend my travel times with some use. I slept most of the time though.  During the past month or so, I got a new Rubik’s cube and got serious with it. It really needs some brains to do it. In a couple of days I solved it using the beginners method that’s all over the internet. On seeing me many of my friends got a cube and then we started competing for the quickest solve. So I practiced it during my travel time and my time got around 4 minutes and then to around 3 minutes. After this I studied about speedsolving. It is solving the cube fast(duh).

Anyway, I learned a method called the Fridrich’s method. Also I got to know that the pros actually lubricate their cube to make it move smooth. After all this, my current time is around 2 min. My plan is to be able to complete the cube blindfolded. This really needs some serious memory. You actually need to remember the cube and keep track of each piece after each move. So a rubik’s cube is a good puzzle to work your brains in your spare time.

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