Saturday, December 11, 2010

Midou Ban - Get Backers

Midou Ban is one of the main characters in the anime series GetBackers. He is one of my favourite anime characters of all. He is known for his mysterious ability called ‘Evil Eye’. He is supposedly the grandson of the ‘Last witch of 20th century’, born under the star Asclepius. So his grandma taught him some witch craft and he learned the evil eye from her. As he is born under the star Asclepius, he has super human strength. One of his well known ability is that he has a grip of 200kg in each hand. Using this he seems to crush hard objects, punch into walls and damage buildings.

He is a genius in battle as he always has his calm and battles with great tactics. Talking about his battles, his best ability is his ‘evil eye’. The evil eye is the ability to make the opponent/s hallucinate a dream of his choice and design for a whole minute. Though its only a minute, it seems a long time for the opponent. The evil eye has it limits though. He cannot use it for more than 3 times a day and cant use it more than once for a same person within 24 hours. He is one of the best anime characters ever made…

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