Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inception - Dream Control

One of the most interesting and talked about movie in the recent times, Inception, really has a great plot. Some parts of this article might be a spoiler for the movie. So for the people who didn’t see the film yet, I suggest you not to miss this. Getting into the story, do you think it would be possible to dream knowing you are dreaming? Is it possible to control what we are dreaming? Well, the answer is yes. This is termed “Lucid Dream”. In a lucid dream, the person dreaming consciously knows that he is in a dream and continues dreaming. Want some more…, once you get into this state of having a lucid dream, with some experience, you can even control the events in your dream.
Considering lucid dream, there are two types of getting into it. One is where you dream of something and at some point, you seem to conclude that it is actually a dream and continue with it(dream initiated). The other is where you get to a lucid dream conciously just as you get into sleep(wake initiated). This is not a modern discovery as lucid dream was discussed around 410 AD. For people who have troubles having nightmares, this can help you as you can control your dream. As for others, you can do interesting things like fly around etc. This is one of the things to try out…

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