Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Afro Samurai

Afro samurai is a short and fast paced anime made from a japanese manga series. The anime has only 5 episodes based on a story about a swordsman, afro that takes place in futuristic/feudal Japan. In that time where the story takes place, the person with the Number 1 head band is said to be the strongest warrior in the world and he is seen as godlike. Anyway the only way to obtain the Number 1 head band is to get the Number 2 head band and challenge Number 1. Anyone can challenge Number 2 but only Number 2 can challenge Number 1.

The story begins with the current Number 2, Justice, who is challenges the Number 1, Rokutaro. They battle fiercely and in the end, Justice prevails beheading Rokutaro. A small boy, Afro, the son of Number 1 watches all this as Justice claimes the Number 1 head band. So the story picks up as Afro who is now a grown up swordsman and the owner of Number 2 head band, battles to avenge his father and become Number 1. The anime is really fast and action packed. But it contains some gore and explicit language. Another thing to point out is that Afro was voiced by Samuel L. Jackson.

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