Friday, December 24, 2010

Lucid Dream (you can have one...)

As an addition to my previous post about lucid dream, in this post I will attempt to tell you how to get into a lucid dream. Lucid dreams are closely related to Out-Of-Body-Experience. OOBE is where you seem to float out of your body and do things that you wish. Similar to a dream, but you control what you do. So when trying to have a lucid dream, people tell that they experience leaving their body sometimes. So as the first step to having a lucid dream, you should be able to remember your everyday dreams. Having a dairy or a recorder and recording what you dreamed as soon as you wake-up helps.

For a lucid dream, you have to get into a state between awake and asleep. From many methods, the one that I tried and the one worked is as follows. Get up a couple of hours earlier in the morning. Stay awake for about an hour. Do something like, read things about lucid dream etc. Then go back to bed with your eyes open and do things like counting your breath. This is a good time for your body to go to sleep and you still are aware. You would probably experience sleep paralysis at this stage where you seem to be awake and yet you can’t move or talk. This is normal and during this time, think of what you want your dream to be and go on.  This is a wake initiated lucid dream. I will explain a dream initiated lucid dream in my next post. TC.


  1. I've understood the ways. But I'm feel afraid to try it...

  2. Actually there is nothing to worry.. It is only a dream :)