Monday, November 1, 2010

3D Origami

Chinese modular origami is one type of origami where we make complex structures out of many similar modules. This type of origami came into existance during 1993 when a group of Chinese refugees who were detained on a ship called Golden Venture. These refugees were held in an American prison where they started to make complex models and these models were given as gifts to those aiding and helping the refugees and sold them at charity fund collectors. The media helped in popularizing this art around the world. Soon after this, this type of origami was called ‘Golden Venture Folding’.

These modules are made of rectangular paper with 1:2 aspect ratio. These rectangular papers are folded into small triangles with 2 flaps and 2 pockets. The basic module is quite simple to fold but making a structure with those often require hundreds of pieces and will take a lot of time. These triangles are then joined together by inserting a flap of one triangular piece into the pocket of an other triangle and so on to make a complete structure. These structures often include swans, pineapples, ships and dogs/cats. This kind of origami is also known as 3D origami and this makes a good gift for your loved ones as it shows the amount of effort you put of them.

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  1. It always impresses me to see origami crafts because I know how difficult it is to make this Japanese art. It's even more amazing to see that they can make 3D origami. I think if they can use this 3D art as a 3D marketing campaign to promote Japanese culture, then it's going to be perfectly beautiful.