Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot Chilli

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about chilli is that it is HOT. But why is it hot? What gives chilli its hot sensation? The answer is a substance called ‘Capsaicin’ and other related chemicals collectively known as ‘capsaicinoids’. When we eae chilli, the capsaicinoids present in them bind themselves with the pain receptors in our throat which is responsible for sensing heat. These receptors sends a message to the brain which says he has ate something hot. The brain in turn responds to this message by increasing the heart rate, perspiration rate and endorphin release.

So why does chilli have this capsaicin? The answer, according to scientists is evolution. The plant produces seeds so that they can be eaten and spread out by birds and so they can exist without extinction. But the hotness however is to inhibit a fungus called Fusarium which is the main cause of seed mortality. The birds anyway doesn’t have the necessary organs to experience the spicy taste and so the hotness is not a big deal for them. One of the other important aspect of capsaicin according to a new study is that it can help in killing cancer without harming other cells and that too with no side effects.

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