Sunday, November 21, 2010

Balls of Fury

After a days hectic work, I take a break and play some Table Tennis(TT) with my friends. The place that I work in offers some games like carom, chess, TT, etc. At first it was a bit hard to play as I didn’t have any experience in it.  After a while we got better and started to play more and work less. The serve is one of the important things in TT. A good serve will always give you the edge.
There are two ways to hold the bat: pen-style and hand-shake method. While holding the bat in a pen-style way, the server has an advantage of a giving a powerful forehand to his opponent, however, backhand is affected severely. On the other hand, the hand-shake method is more popular as the server is able to react with a strong backhand to his opponents shots. There are even some really good players and we learnt some moves from them. As days &  hours went by, we mastered the serve, forehand, backhand, smashes & even advanced moves such as chopping & blocking.  We started teaming up with our friends and had some good matches. Too bad I am going to be transferred to a different work location shortly L.

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