Thursday, November 11, 2010

The "i" factor

I guess the first thing that comes to mind when the word “cellphone” is uttered has got to be “iPhone”!Apple has been in the lead with respect to its ‘revolutionalising’ mp3 players - iPod as well as their hi-tech and uber cool laptops/desktops - iMac.
With the new iPhone 4 out in the US & Europe, people are queueing for their latest smartphone. Another issue reported by some users within days of the iPhone 4 release was that during calls the proximity sensor can be insensitive and contact with the touchscreen can end calls, mute calls, and dial other numbers.
Inspite of these issues, the iPhone 4 is “THE” phone of 2010 with several unique & innovative features. Some of its improvements over its predecessors are the inclusion of 5MP camera with LED flash along with HD (high-definition) video capabilities.
Another new feature is “FaceTime” , which is a video calling software. Currently, it works only with Wi-Fi connection between an iPhone 4 or 4G apple device with another similar device (FaceTime compatible device).
Do those fingerprint marks on your cell annoy you? Fear not! The iPhone 4 uses a Lipophobic screen coating which repels fingerprint oils. (another “plus” for the iPhone 4!)
The hardware details of the “i4″ are equally commendable, with its rechargeable Lithium ion battery. With an Apple A4 (ARM Cortex-8) CPU & storage capacity of 16GB (or 32GB) , what more can one ask for? Did i mention that it has a memory of 512MB eDRAM?
Inspite of these mouth-watering features, the iPhone 4 has faced severe criticism due to its “antenna” issue. People have complained that the signal bars of the phone reduce when the phone is held in a particular way (if the hand blocks the antenna). Unfortunately, Apple committed a blunder with respect to their signal-formula-calculation for which they tried to correct using a “bumper”. The Bumper serves as an outer cover preventing the signal from dropping.
With Apple releasing the new iOS 4.1 in the months to come, lets hope they fulfil the customer’s wish!!
Underneath a libel washes the motorway.

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