Saturday, October 23, 2010

Samurai X

Samurai X also known as Rurouni Kenshin is a manga series which revolves around an assasin named Kenshin Himura who becomes a wanderer trying to protect the people in need. Soon after the manga became popular, the anime series was released. The anime had 95 episodes and 2 animated movies. The story is about a fictional character, Kenshin was once an assasin trained under Hiten mitsarugi style of sword fighting. He was thus named ‘Batusai - the man slayer’ or ‘Batusai - the slasher’. After the Bakumatsu war he wanders off as a peaceful man oweing not to kill anyone thereafter.

As the story moves, Kenshin gets some good friends namely Kaoru, Sanosuke and Yahiko with whom he joins and goes through various adventures and difficulties try to save those in need. Kenshin Himura is well known for his ‘x’ shaped scar on his left cheek. In the anime, I personally like the Shishio saga where Shishio, an assasin similar to Kenshin, plans to take over Japan. The fight sequences and characters are awesome and makes this anime one of my favourite.

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