Monday, October 18, 2010


One of the popular widgets available to a user using blogger is ‘Fish’. Fish is a nice little widget that is fun and nice to see. It is like a virtual aquarium with fishes. You can have upto ten fishes. You can even change the color of each fish, the background, the color of the fish food etc. Once the widget is configured and placed on your site, the users of the blog can play with it. When the mouse pointer is moved over the aquarium or water the fishes move toward the mouse pointer. The way the fishes move towards the pointer is smooth and natural.

The users can even feed the fishes by just left clicking and you can see pellets of fish food floating. The color of the fish food is also configurable. Once we click to feed the fish, the fishs come rushing towards it and consumes them. It looks really cool. So if you are using for a nice widget to add to your blog, count this in…

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