Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Patio Dinner

After a long time when I was going on a weekend outing with my friends, I met one of my old and best college friends on the way. Seeing him after a long time, I got my fun filled memories back. My friend insisted me to join him for dinner and his place which he brought recently. At that point, as I could not ignore his request, I went off with him. He had a new Harley Davison, like the one he told he would get someday. A lot of things have changed but not his childish character. We reached his house, and I was really fascinated by his new place. He showed me around the place and it was huge. We chatted some of our funny moments till we were called for dinner.
I never really thought we were going to have dinner at his backyard patio. To me it was the best part of his house. It was so pleasant with all the decorative plants hanging, and the feeling of the fresh air. He even had some cool outdoor furniture with distinctive colors. It seems he had called in a designer to help him out on his backyard patio design.


  1. It's really nice to have a nice patio for moments like this. I'm glad to hear you had a pleasant time with your old friend, Varshith.


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