Sunday, January 16, 2011

Assault Attorney

In this post I will be writing about an important incident that occurred to my friend sometime back. He was on his way home after work and the traffic was at its peak. At a signal, as he tried to pass by he accidentally hit a car in front of him. Though there was very little to no damage caused, the angry car guy came out and kind of pushed my friend. Without much balance, he fell off and his motor cycle fell on his leg. He got a serious injury on his leg which is still causing discomfort after two weeks now. Anyway my friend went to an assault lawyer for help to go against this injustice.
So the Assault Attorney he recruited checked for the assets that the accused had and represented my friend  in a civil court in an attempt to claim for the damages that he has incurred. In this case a damaged motor cycle and a broken leg in addition to loss of wages and the pain and sufferings he experienced during the treatment. The fee of the Assault Attorney depends on whether you win or lose the case. In the end my friend won as a result of the Assault Attorney’s expertise.

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