Sunday, January 2, 2011

Today - with Spongy

Firstly, this is not about sponge-bob square-pants. I have a friend. His name is x. We also call him spongy as he is like a sponge. We use to hit him when we are bored. He speaks good English. He always studies and does the things that he is asked to on time. “On time” is a perfect thing. If all things are done “on time” then the world would be a better place for everyone.  So people, keep that in mind.
Now coming back to our guy, spongy, he likes doing cross-word puzzles. If you think doing cross-word puzzles is a waste, think again. Doing cross-word puzzles will keep your mind strong. It improves your vocabulary and your word set. Talking about this, GRE(Graduate Record Examination) comes to my mind. In the place where I live in, people prepare for GRE test so that they can pursue their higher studies abroad.
Our guy Spongy too had plans for taking GRE. But fortunately or unfortunately, he got a job at a good company just when he was about to take the test. Now poor Spongy is sitting on a chair next to me wondering how he could prepare for a test(at the company he is working in). And I am writing this as I don’t have the mood to read for the same test...  


  1. i do crosswords before. i guess, i wasted my time not doing it anymore:)

  2. Doing crosswords is good for your brain :)

  3. @imriz maybe you should start doing it again

  4. Doing crosswords is good for our children... they can improve their language... also good for their brain

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